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Except wonderful skin, UV radiation has a lot of other roles for example it activates creation of the vitamin D in the skin. Vitamin D has a beneficent performance on the lots of the activities in our body. It guaranties very good physical form and vitality, it strength our organism for everyday life also it improves our immune system, but what is the best that UV radiation make good mood and it act as an antidepressant. Make that your summer last whole year ... For your tanned skin and good mood visit our solarium.


Turkish sauna

360-tour lSteam or Turkish sauna simply means „bath“ in a room filled with saturated steam, and it is based on biological activity of heat in a hot and humid air (air temperature is between 40 and 50° C, and the relative air humidity 80-100%). With its tonifying and relaxing properties, the steam or Turkish sauna is one of the best methods to combat stress, to which we are exposed daily. It is a paradise for body and soul, providing relaxation and comfort, especially after a stressful and tiring day. It can be used by people of all ages, to control blood pressure and successfully deal with respiratory problems.

The effect of heat and steam is evident by the fact that it helps blood circulation and lymph flow while releasing toxins in the process of boosting the sweating; as such it helps to detoxify the body. The expansion of pores caused by heat helps the steam to come into the skin and to remove dead cells and impurities, which results with a shiny, elastic and soft skin. The high temperature of the steam sauna stimulates the vital functions, enhances the immunity, and gives extra energy to the body. On the other side, the inhalation of hot steam and aromatic essential oils provides the hydration of lungs and treatments for various disorders of the respiratory system, such as asthma, smoking bronchitis, chronic cough etc... Further beneficial effect is that, in combination with a cold shower, it stimulates the circulation, helps to remove cellulite and tissue regeneration.

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is a traditional form of perspiration for keeping health which is, not only in Finland and other northern countries, but everywhere in the world, practiced for centuries. Sauna implies a wooden cabin with benches, in which the air enters trough a furnace full of heated granite stones. The air in the sauna is hot and dry. Temperature range is between 85 and 88° C (at the bottom of the cabin it is about 40° C, and at the top it reaches 100° C), with humidity 10 to 30% humidity.

The effect of hot air itself, as well as the change of hot and cold air, is beneficial to health. This way, the sauna stimulates the circulation of blood and helps by the circulation under the skin, joints and internal organs, cleans pores, strengthens and reinforces the skin, being good at preventing colds and various inflammatory processes on the skin.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna differs from the Finnish sauna by use of heaters based on infrared rays for heating. The sauna is made of soft wood with fragrant resins. The air in the sauna is hot and dry. The sauna stimulates the blood circulation, helps the blood flow through the skin, joints and internal organs due deeper penetration of heat into the body.

Relax room

360-tour lFor your complete relax, we offer relax room- place that is calm and warm with very nice and relaxing music. We also offer you fresh fruit, mountain spring water, natural juice or warm milk.
Relax and enjoy in the moments that are booked only for you!...


360-tour lTouch means pleasure...Reward your body. Whether you need to remove the tension in the muscles, skin care, body shape, or simply start the blood circulation or to simply stimulate your senses, you can achieve it all within our Wellness centres.

If you are not sure which type of massage you should select, please contact our wellness therapists who will provide the expert advice. Spa therapists will force its movement to your needs so please tell us everything that might help us so you could fully enjoy the treatment.
By selecting some treatments, we have prepared a special combinations for you, taking care on your needs and respecting the requirements of wellness practices.

In our Wellness & Spa Centre we can offer different types of treatments:

Reflex massage
Massage of the reflex zones on the feet and hands to relax – the stimulation on the nerve endings leads to complete relaxation and balancing of body and mind.
Medical massage
Massage with the aim of reactivating the circulation and improve the muscle tone; method of physical therapy which uses series of movements on the body for manipulation of body tissues (skin, under skin tissue, muscles and muscle fascia).
Relax massage
Relieves stress, anxiety and tension caused by stress and affects to the connective and muscle tissues, cardiovascular and nerve system.
Sports massage
A deep and vigorous massage with the aim to relax muscles and ligaments after training, especially suitable for active athletes.
Partial massage
Back massage which is performed by combined technique, works to eliminate unpleasant pain and relieves anxiety and stress.
Swedish massage
Combining 4 massage techniques for relaxation. The combination for a complete pleasure.
Shiatsu massage
A massage which is performed by a special technique of stretching and pressure. With the massage some energy points, which have to remove various barriers and blockages in its passing, are stimulated. Only when such barriers are removed, a person is physically and spiritually healthy. It is very pleasant and efficient.
Peeling massage
Massage with a hygienic character, performed by special cosmetic means. A special treatment for your skin which achieves youthful shine and firmness.
Royal massage
A special massage with aromatic oils and harmonious hand movements of two therapists. Calms the body from the accelerated every day.
Hot stone massage
A special massage with hot volcanic stones, this massage has a remarkable effect on the discharge of harmful substances from the body, has a smoothing effect, and relieves stress and anxiety, insomnia and depression.
Anti-cellulite massage
Massage of the body with the aim to remove unwanted cellulite. Your body will be grateful for the views which it will appeal to.
Face peeling
Peeling for the face, neck and chest + mask. It soothes the face skin, removes impurities and gives back the shine and the smoothness of your skin.

Indoor whirlpool

360-tour l"Health through water" is the formula by which even the Romans found their spiritual and physical peace. Enjoy the stunning effect of hydro-massage and allow yourself a luxurious sense of relieving stress and tension ...